premium package

from 22,500

unleash your brand’s full potential with our premium package, including:

1. 6×3 standee design:
capture attention with a bespoke standee design that reinforces your brand identity and message.

2. 6×4 banner design:
elevate your presence with a visually striking 6×4 banner design, conveying your brand’s essence effectively.

3. standard stall design:
transform your space with an engaging standard stall design, optimizing layout and aesthetics for a lasting impression.

4. brochure design (trifold):
showcase your offerings elegantly with a professionally designed trifold brochure that communicates key brand information seamlessly.

5. 1-minute corporate video:
bring your brand to life with a compelling 1-minute corporate video, combining visuals and narrative for a powerful storytelling experience.

6. landing page:
establish a robust online presence with a bespoke landing page that captures and engages your target audience effectively.

7. merchandise design:
extend your brand seamlessly with custom-designed merchandise, creating a lasting impact on your audience.

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note: the pricing is exclusive of printing and fabrication charges; however, we can refer you to our trusted partners.
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